What is Porchfest?

Porchfest is an afternoon of free music performed outside of people’s homes and in other public spaces. Over 100 cities across the country hold Porchfests. The first ever MV Porchfest will take on Saturday, September 7th, from 4 – 9 PM. All musicians, professionals, amateurs, and everything in between, perform voluntarily at a designated time and location in the Arts District of Oak Bluffs and in conjunction and partnership with the highly successful Arts Stroll. Attendees stroll from porch to porch to hear the music of their choice.

Where will this take place?

MV Porchfest will take place on residential porches in the Oak Bluffs “Arts District”

What kind of musical groups can perform?

Any and all groups are welcome! You can play an instrument, sign, play solo or part of a group. All types of music are welcome too! Please note, as this is our first MV Porchfest, we are keeping it purposefully small. That said, if you are not selected this year to perform, there is still a pretty good chance you will be selected in future years as the festival expands!

Do I need to be from Martha’s Vineyard to perform?

Not necessarily. If the demand for performance slots exceeds the number we have available, we will prioritize performers who live, work, or summer in Martha’s Vineyard. That said, groups from all around the New England (and the country ☺) area are welcome to apply!

Can musicians sell CDs or other merch?

Sales are not permitted, but can be made available with a suggested donation or with the porch owner’s permission.

How long should I play for?

Sign up to play for one 45 minute time slot. Some of that time will be used for set up and breakdown.

How loud can I play?

Performances should be acoustic or amplified, though we request sound to be reasonable. Think stripped down sound and equipment needs. The goal is to be heard to the sidewalk, but not down the street.

Should I bring my own water or other refreshments?

Yes, we’ll ask Porch owners to provide water but it won’t be required. See below for more info about what is and isn’t required by porch owners.

Should I bring my own equipment?

Absolutely! Organizers and porch owners will not provide equipment. Porch owners will provide electrical outlets, if they are available. You’ll need to talk logistics with porch owners before the performance date. The organizers will be sure to put you in touch.

How will I know where I’m performing?

Once sign-up is complete, we’ll be contacting you to let you know where you’ll be performing and connect you with the porch owner so logistics for the day can be worked out directly with them.

Who will advertise my performance?

The MV Porchfest organizers and its performers leading up to the event will be active on social media, and reach out to local news outlets for coverage. Providing links to your web or FB page will help us get the word out. We’ll request porch owners promote performances to neighbors, friends, and coworkers. You should do the same. Anything you can do to promote your performance is recommended!

I have another question!

Please email us at info@MVporchfest.org.